This Spring, KDUK and 5th Street Public Market are teaming up to make it RAIN CASH!

It’s the return of the 104 Minute Money Song!



The 104 Minute Money Song is BACK!

Listen to KDUK every weekday through May 26 to WIN $104!


Each weekday morning, listen to 104 Minutes of Nonstop Music, kicking off at 8:50 with The Morning House Party. Somewhere in there is that day’s MONEY SONG! The MHP or Robo will tell you what the song is, then listen for it to play AGAIN after 2p with Val Steele! When you hear the Money Song again, be caller 10 at 541-345-1047 and you WIN $104 INSTANTLY, thanks to 5th Street Public Market!


Slept in and missed the money song?? The ONLY other way to find out what the Money Song is each day is to follow Fifth Street Public Market on Facebook HERE!


The 104 Minute Money Song is sponsored by

5th Street Public Market

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